hello, george

i won a few tickets to Mount Vernon, President George Washington’s home.


it’s easy to spend a day or three at Mount Vernon.
the Reynolds Museum & Education Center is awesome all by itself
and is a good contemporary companion to the history embedded
in Washington’s mansion, outbuildings and gardens.

George & Martha had the best view on the Potomac.

in front of the mansion whose style became iconic.

they make their own tools and do custom period repairs at Mount Vernon.

we had a delightful chat in the parlor with Martha.
(this historical reenactor was worth her weight in gold.)

thanks, Washington Parent for an excellent first visit.

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library of congress 2014 national book festival

we’ve got swag, yes we do;
we’ve got swag, how about you?


we were able to last about an hour and a half
in the crowd of literature lovers
at the 2014 National Book Festival.

the girls visited every table
in the Pavilion of States
getting stamps,  stickers and signatures from every state, DC, and the US territories.

one day we are actually going to have the stamina
to attend an author’s talk
and stand in line to get a book signed.


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UMD robotics day 2013

we spent a fall Friday browsing the University of Maryland’s many robotics research projects
and asking questions of the faculty & students
in the Jeong H Kim building and in other labs at the College Park campus.

many projects took their inspiration from nature.
what animals do you think inspired these robots?





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homeschooling mom escapes to bermuda

i got to escape from my daily routine and responsibilities
for a few delightful days.


i remember
a cluster of clouds that carried rain droplets
while the rest of sky radiated a cool blue;
boat names like Friendship and Shut Ya Mouth;
cars driving on the left side of road with signs that said “Give Way”;
concrete block bus stops;
quick multicolored lizards darting over huge palm leaves;
waking up on my own volition;
schools of tiny fish jumping over turquoise water;
waves caressing pebbly beaches;
salty water sliding down my kayak paddle;
morning prayer with frog song background music.




other than that,
what happened on the island
stays on the island.

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cheverly police department’s public safety day 2013

i really enjoy my neighborhood.
every year on Cheverly Police Department’s Public Safety Day
we get to interact positively with our local safety officials
in an environment of discovery & fun.
the girls talk with police, fire fighters and other emergency workers
and touch the tools and vehicles that the public servants use
to keep our community safe.

firefighters demonstrating the jaws of life tool

after the jaws of life and some uber-powerful scissors
both the roof and the doors of this sacrificial car have been removed

on a police motorcycle

met the pilot, peeked in the cockpit, and cheered a windy take-off

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book: March by John Lewis & Andrew Aydin

this non-fiction graphic novel tells the story of Congressman John Lewis,
one of the key figures of the civil rights movement.
this is the first of a trilogy.
can’t wait to read the next ones.


March by John Lewis & Andrew Aydin
teen – adult

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book: The Promised Land by Arthur Flowers

a unique graphic novel biography of Martin Luther King Jr
told in lyrical style of african american storytellers
with Patua art providing the visual story.

The Promised Land by Arthur Flowers
teens – adult


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