homeschooling step-by-step

homeschooling step by step lauramaery gold and joan m. sielinski
by lauraMaery gold and joan m. zielinski

playfully written
like your best friend is telling you what’s up,
this books is a great reference
to keep on hand.

chapter 8: the balancing act
especially appealed to me.
it talked about balancing the obligations of
and more
without losing patience
or burning out.

it was from this chapter that i decided to go ahead with my initial impulse
of naming our homeschool
— good tree montessori homeschool
or shajara tayyiba, in arabic —
and of course, it follows, that i’d just have to create this blog along with it.
now it’s official.

other tips included
— duh —
cleaning as a team,
and including toddlers in the work,
doing an 8-minute clean up a couple times a day,
and their laundry rules:

  1. no dirty clothes in the laundry room
  2. no unfolded [or un-hung] clothing touches a surface
  3. everything with sleeves or legs goes on a hanger
  4. all socks in the sock bucket

also, particularly poignant to me,
was the section in chapter 9 about
keeping younger children occupied while
working with older children.
they recommend:
a sling, crafts, snacks
— e.g. a muffin tin with a different snack in each cup –,
water play (in the bathroom, even),
a rice (instead of sand-)box,
or trading off to an older child.

one downside
is that the web site
seems to be defunct.
i checked the book out from the library
and would like to have access to the information in the book
without adding to my personal library.


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