part of montessori education
is called “going out”
where children
“witness and experience first-hand what is out in the community”
where children “connect with the outside world.”
[see: ]

yeah, you can learn a lot in the classroom
but equally important
and is learning about our neighborhood, community, world and environment.

being in atlanta is GREAT for this.
i’m always on the look out
or on some email list or yahoo group
so i can find out what’s up!

one of the latest was touch-a-truck
a few saturdays ago in march
in the decatur high school parking lot.

while rahmah went with me
to our regular saturday morning african dance class
sanaa and aya went with ishaq around the corner
to “see, touch and explore” all the big trucks they see in their neighborhood:
the city of decatur fire truck, dump trucks, tractors, police cars, motorcycles and more.
to top it off: it was FREE!

aya at touch-a-truck


trash truck

antique chevrolet

police car

police motorcycle

pumping gas

street sweeper

street sweeper

if it isn’t but once a week
or once a month
we go out,
especially when the weather is nice.
plus it gives us a good balance
after being in the house all day homeschooling and living life.

for more “going out” ideas
see: [ ]


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