georgia renaissance festival

oh, what a entertaining family event this was!
want to get a child excited about european history?
come see it reenacted with costumes, dialect and all
in this quaint medieval-themed fair.
open only on saturdays and sundays
the georgia renaissance festival will be in town
until june 1st.

school days
with many interactive workshops
are coming up on april 24 and may 1.
the entrance fees are only $8 per child —

we went on the opening weekend
when they offered 2 for 1 adult tickets.
plus kids 6 and under are free.
that was great because EVERYTHING else
— except the entertainment —
cost a pretty penny.
for example, bottled water was in the $2 range.

the best thing to do,
is bring a picnic lunch
and eat it in the parking lot.
if you get your hand stamped
you can re-enter until an hour before closing.

i wish i’d worn a costume of my own,
but even that could be had for a price.

this wagon rental was an excellent investment.

a stiltwalker welcomes us.

irish harpist
irish harpist

ugly wench
on the way to our first show, we saw an ugly wench
— that’s what they called them back then —
flirting with a guest.

an indian condor,
part of the birds of prey show.

indian condor

elf ears

elf ears
elf, fairy and hobbit ears for sale.

kids joust
the junior joust for all ages.

lipizzan stallions

lipizzan stallions

lipizzan stallions

lipizzan stallions
the royal lipizzan stallions.
one did a trick where it lifted all its feet off the ground in a grand leap;
the other trotted like it was doing horse-ballet.

sword swallower

sword swallower
sword — and balloon — swallower and nose driller named thom sellectomy.

balloon swallower

balloon swallower
he ended up swallowing the whole length of the balloon.
there were many deep throat comments from the audience[…ahem].

nose driller

thumb war
on the way out, we catch a thumb war!

another show you can’t miss
is the joust.
get there early and catch a bench
cause it fills up fast.
there was the typical night in shining armor
against the villainous dark night
from spain, no less.
there was much cheering, boo-ing, hisses and laughter.

one warning,
be prepared for the privies (port-o-potties).
they were clean and not that stinky as far as portable bathrooms go.


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