swim lessons

sanaa and rahmah started swim lessons last monday
at the m.l.k. jr. natatorium
on boulevard near the king memorial.
m. l. king jr. natatorium

it’s a good deal:
7 weeks, 2 times a week for $30.

it is a diverse group skill-wise,
some kids served as someone for my newbies to look up to,
while others were on the verge of tears.

rahmah left the first lesson
after only a few turns in the water.
i’d left to go get the goggles i’d forgotten
in the rush to get there on time,
but ishaq told me
she’d started screaming and ran away from the pool to him.

a nearby mom said all her children cried for weeks
when they first started swim lessons.

we might move her to the saturday aqua-tots class.

sanaa almost strangled the poor instructor
during her turns in the water.

today is the second lesson
and both of them are excited about returning,
despite the challenges of the last lesson,


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