good tree has gear!

i got the idea when i saw two girls
at the botanical garden for earth day.
their shirts read:
i’m homeschooled
i’m socialized
i had class today

good tree montessori homeschool tote bag

good tree montessori homeschool tote back

good tree montessori t-shirt

i got the tree image from istockphoto
and did the rest with a little photoshop.

not that anyone would buy them,
but they are not for sale to the public.
it’s an exclusive thang. [smile]
only members of
good tree montessori homeschool
can buy them.
also, it’s a unity thing,
like for outings and what not:
we love homeschool.
yes, we do!
we love homeschool.
how about out you?


2 thoughts on “good tree has gear!

  1. Bravo! How wonderful. Your children are very lucky. We have a lot of homeschoolers in the area around my school. I would like to become a resource center for Montessori Homeschoolers. I would like to have a “lending library” of materials. I would also like to offer sharing of in-house programs, field trips, our bus, etc. If you (or any other Montessori homeschoolers) have any thoughts on the idea, I would welcome them.

  2. thanks, eileen.

    if i were homeschooling in your area, i’d love to have such a thing as a montessori homeschool resource center that shares in-house programs, field trips and the like, as you said. that would be GREAT! It would also be helpful if you could offer mini-workshops, act as a resource for questions (dear montessori directress) or other common issues, or finding the resources for and the how-to of making montessori materials.

    i wish you’d spread that idea around to other montessori schools.


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