ruth heller on english grammar

i loved english in school.
when we were diagramming sentences in english class
i used to feel like
there was only the teacher and i in the classroom.
maybe figuratively that was the case,
but will i have the finesse to teach it?

ruth heller’s world of language series
is a great way to introduce grammar
without formally teaching it,
at least at first.

she covers it all:
merry-go-round by ruth heller
cache of jewels by ruth heller
collective nouns,
mine, all mine by ruth heller
kites sail high by ruth heller
up, up and away by ruth heller
many luscious lollipops by ruth heller
behind the mask by ruth heller
fantastic, wow and unreal by ruth heller
interjections and conjunctions,

after you’ve read the books together
the child will have some familiarity,
and you will have a refresher course
as well as examples at-the-ready
for when the child shows interest and ability.

the montessori method has a great language curriculum
which includes grammar
montessori wooden grammar symbols from alisons montessori
(above: grammar symbols from alison’s montessori)
but a good book just adds to the breadth.

enjoy…cause i can’t wait!
i’ve already got “merry-go-round: a book about nouns” on hold at the library.


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