sanaa’s wudhu chart

sanaa is often eager to make wudhu
in order to read quran or make salat.
we decided to make her own wudhu chart
so she could do it independently and at her convenience.

sanaa's wudhu chart
i took a picture of sanaa
in every step of making wudhu (ablutions) for salat (prayer)
including the bismillah in the beginning
and the shahada at the end.

each step is represented as a row
in a three column table
that includes the step number,
name and, if necessary, number of times
the step is done,
and its corresponding picture.

i cut each row out in strips
and she glued them in order on a separate piece of poster board,
reviewing the steps as she went along.
she labeled her chart,
and then we put the chart in a place
where she could easily see it whenever she makes wudhu.

now if she forgets a step
she can just reference the chart.
her wudhu chart shows her
that SHE knows how to make wudhu,
personalizing, and inshaAllah internalizing, the ritual.


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