shake at the lake

it was sprinkling intermittently
the entire time,
but watching
carlo goldoni’s
the servant of two masters
on the dock of lake clara meer
at piedmont park was…refreshing.
evening family theater for FREE!

shake at the lake 2008
it was done in a comedic style
with plenty of modern political references
— what rhymes with obama? —
as well as stereotypical comments about
local atlanta neighborhoods.
there was even juggling!

there was something for everyone in our family to be entertained with.
it was worth sending my husband out
at 8:30 in the morning
in order to wait in line
at for free tickets
at the piedmont park visitor’s center
which didn’t open until 10 a.m.

shake at the lake
was put on by georgia shakespeare.
they’ve got several plays by shakespeare coming up in the summer
as well as a family production,
tom thumb the great,
that i think we just might be interested in
coming july 18 – august 2.


One thought on “shake at the lake

  1. Thanks for coming out to Shake at the Lake. We are thrilled you had such a wonderful time. I am the Marketing & Sales Manager for Gerogia Shakespeare If you would like information on Tom Thumb the Great you can contact me at 404.504.3422 or at

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