camp believers 2008

i believe in summer camp.
it’s a time for children
to develop themselves
and reconnect with the rhythms of nature.

there are hundreds of camps in the atlanta area
— atlanta parent has over 400 listings!
while most are probably legitimate,
it seems that many are set up like school-in-the-summer
or are baby-sitting disguised as “enrichment”.

my summer camp growing up
was usually grandma’s house.
i got up when i smelled breakfast,
stayed outside ALL day in the garden
with all the insects it entailed;
i sneaked green fruit off the trees,
and came inside only for snacks of sugar, banana or mayonnaise sandwiches.
dinner on the stove just before sunset
signaled the closing of another day full of self-structured, spontaneous activities.

but, alas, everyone is not so blessed.
now as a self-proclaimed urban woman
whose children are not old enough to go to an
(besides, i don’t have wheels,
and i’m on a budget).

here’s my favorite option:
camp believers.

the camp site is atlanta masjid of al-islam
and has 5 theme-bases sessions:

  • would would the prophet (pbuh) do?
  • proud to be polite!
  • big changes! big choices!
  • doing your best!
  • children of faith…worshiping, playing and learning together.

it runs from 2 june to 1 august
for muslim children, ages 4 – 13,
seeking “a traditional camp experience with a G-d conscious environment”.
camp activities include quranic studies, hiking / environmental studies,
arts & crafts, vocational training, culinary arts,
scrap-booking, photography, dance & fitness,
swimming, field trips and roller blading.

two-week sessions are $210 with a $50 registration fee
and run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., monday through friday,
with before and after-care available.

for more information:
email hajja ameenah sabree at littlebelievers [at] hotmail [dot] com,
call 404.207.9916,
or attend the camp round-up
on saturday, 17 may from 3-5 p.m.
at the atlanta masjid.


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