fernbank’s sky dreams

last sunday [ 18.may.08 ] we went to the fernbank science center
“sky dreams” planetarium show.
at the fernbank science center
— not to be confused with the
[bigger, and higher entrance fee at the]
fernbank museum of natural history.

“sky dreams” is the current children’s planetarium program
and it was almost magical looking at all those stars
that we can barely see for the smog of our dear, urban city.
i almost got a little nauseous
as the star projector moved the stars across the domed ceiling.

in addition to the planetarium,
there are several live and “stuffed” animal exhibits
throughout the center
as well as historic artifacts that have been in or come from space.
the live animals included several reptiles, amphibians, and
a bee hive where you could hear and smell the bees at work
with the touch of a button.

the fernbank science center easily warrants more than one visit.
in addition, many parts of the center
can be enjoyed for free:
the fernbank forest, rose garden, compost garden, and observatory.

speaking of which, the observatory offers free public observing open houses
every thursday and friday evening
from 8 pm (or dark) until 10:30 pm (weather permitting).
this observatory houses the largest telescope in the southeastern U.S.!

for older children
— middle and elementary —
there are meteorology and seismology labs
as well as an aerospace education lab
funded by no other than NASA.
what a great, affordable community resource.

i don’t know how a homeschooling family might
get involved with these science labs,
but something tells me they may be open to working something out.


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