children’s tafsir of the quran

children's tafsir of quran

this is GREAT! subhanAllah!
ad-duha institute provides
a simplified tafsir (explanation) of the last 10 surahs of the Quran;
“Full color, illustrated, paperback” with “21-30 pages” in each book.

other surahs are available as well.
one set has all of juz Amma
(the last 30th of the Quran)
and al-Fatiha.

when my girls were in school in amman
they had a workbook like this
that went through each surah,
line by line,
putting a visual with each verse,
explaining its meaning.
i have only seen the samples that ad-duha has on its web site,
but this looks similar in intent.

take a look in their bookstore for other goodies, inshaAllah.


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