backyard campout

we joined the national wildlife federation’s
4th annual
great american backyard campout.

ishaq set up the tent granddaddy ishaq bought for
the girls
(and himself).
tent set up ishaq

the girls helped ishaq a bit
and rode bikes…
tent set up
and a horse.
ride it aya

aya on horse

i took it easy on myself.
we did a leftovers-dinner inside, as usual,
then shortly after dusk and maghrib prayer…
dusk backyard campout
we headed outside
with quilts, pillows, books, colored pencils, paper,
and a couple of push on/push off lights
that you see in late night commercials.

we read books until the lights went out
— i guess they weren’t meant for extended use —
then saw a beautiful crescent moon above our house.
they went to sleep before 11pm…quilt pallets

and woke up with the birds.
morning play

we made it though the night!

whew! the ground was hard.
i think i slept on an incline, too.
but, we made it through the night,
short as it was.
kori in the tent

aya peeking out of tent


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