transfering water with a sponge

transfering water with a sponge
can you believe this is a montessori practical life exercise?!?

kids LOVE playing with water.
here’s play with a purpose:
using a double dog/cat bowl
with one side half-filled with water,
set on top of acrylic liner.

rahmah uses the sponge to transfer all the water
from one side of the container to the other.

setting a table: place setting

setting table exercise
using two placemats, knifes, forks, spoons, napkins and cup
i’d set up the place setting
and rahmah would imitate.

to make it a game
after she knows what she’s doing,
i’d ask her to turn around,
then i’d mix something up
and let her figure it out.

opening and closing exercise

opening and closing exercise
ever seen a child snap and unsnap a purse
over and over and over again.
here’s a practical life excerise
they can do to their hearts content.
i bought some small objects,
others i recycled from around the house
for the girls to un/screw, un/snap, un/cork, un/latch and etc.

magnets and movement

magnet exercise montessori
from david gettman’s basic montessori:
i colored a square piece of card stock with a neighborhood scene.
made a little triangular prism,
drew a car on two sides
and glued a paper clip on the third side.
use a strong magnet to “drive” the car
through the neighborhood.

illustrates magnetism;
develops concentration.

landforms: lake and island

lake island land forms montessori
when sanaa was 2,
i used photo developer trays
non-hardening clay
and a butter knife
to make these lake and island landform trays.
they are still working well after 3 years.

add a pitcher filled with water
tinted with blue food coloring,
a few miniature animals,
and a story to define the terms lake and island.