sometimes printouts are ok

right now,
i’m getting our new homeschool together.
i brought “a few” essentials with us to turkey.
(i basically loaded all our carry-on’s with homeschool stuff.
one of the bags was actually heavier than our checked baggage.)
while we’re getting things set up,
and adjusting to life here,
the girls are itching to get to work.
i was going through my education bookmarks
and rediscovered that i’d used to print calendars.
with this second look,
i’ve found a few more things worth printing,
including easel art (which reminds me of ed emberley’s books),
grid work where children identify coordinates to create a picture,
grid work
abc dot to dot pages,
and emergent readers printable books.

as with any work i give the girls,
it will be offered,
but if there is no interest, cool, no problem.
maybe later.


One thought on “sometimes printouts are ok

  1. I’m glad to see you made it to Turkey safely! I always appreciate your helpful posts, so I’m excited to see that you’re up and blogging again.

    Thanks for these links!

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