handwriting: from d’nealian to cursive

a few days ago
sanaa showed me some words she was writing.
i mentioned that they almost looked like cursive handwriting,
then had to demonstrate it for her.
she took an immediate interest
and has been working on her cursive handwriting
outside of homeschool ever since.
due to my (over)eagerness
i’ve been prepared for this moment
since she was 2.

i decided to teach her d’nealian style handwriting from the start.
d'nealian handwriting
i believed its style provided an easier transition to cursive.
d'nealian transition to cursive
although in many montessori classrooms, children begin with cursive.

in addition, i bought cursive connections which we’re getting into now.
cursive connections modern style book a
one way this book is different from traditional methods
is that instead of teaching letters alphabetically,
it teaches them in groups based on similarity.
for example, the lowercase letters a, o, d, g, and q
are introduced together because they all begin with an “over stroke”,
as the author calls it.

after she practices writing a letter or small groups of letters several times,
instead of correcting her work
i ask her to circle the letter she likes the best
while commenting on the qualities the letter should have,
e.g. it is leaning, touching the top-, mid- or bottom-line as it should, and etc.
i’m having fun watching HER discover that handwriting is fun and beautiful.


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