traveling with kids

we’ve had a bit of experience with this.
we took on cairo, istanbul and kuala lampur
with 3 children under 5.
it ain’t easy,
but with some creativity
and a lot of patience
and can be done enjoyably.
plus, it’s great to make those family memories together
and watch their minds and vocabularies expand.

i remember someone asking my oldest, then 4, what she did in turkey.
her response: we did a lot of walking around.
yep, that we did.
but we also have pictures of them dancing to the street music at taksim square.
there was another time
when friends were passing through amman, jordan while we were there.
my middle child, then 3, was looking through their guide book and excitedly said, “petra!”
all that walking through the ruins of petra,
plus the undulating camel ride back to the main entrance
must have help keep it in her long term memory.

check out travel for kids
it features things to do and sites to see with children around the globe,
books to prepare them for the adventure,
family hotels, and other tips for traveling with the youngins.

poetry, rhymes and songs

poetry, rhymes and songs are a part of montessori oral language lessons: “Children will gain a clarity in speech, a large expansion of vocabulary, a familiarity in various aspects of language such as correct usage of the language, artistic expression, a large range of language, awareness of the language structure, and most importantly an appreciation and enjoyment of language. Through all of the Exercises, the child is also being indirectly prepared for the written language work of creative writing and later, total reading.”
quote from

i found this pretty comprehensive site
that features
“lyrics and words for children’s nursery rhymes and songs”.
along with the words there is music and sometimes even video
for many of the songs
with lots of categories to choose from:
activity songs, religious songs, to work songs.

turning worksheets into montessori equation cards

i’ve been googling furiously for 4-digit addition problems,
both static
— i.e. no carrying or regrouping —
and dynamic.

about the third page in,
google delivered
where you can make addition, subtraction, multiplication or division worksheets
based on several variables.

for example,
the different toggles for addition include:
simple, medium or difficult;
printable or interactive;
one to four digits;
and no carrying, possible carrying, or carrying.

just what i need to make
prepared addition equation cards
so that math challenges can be at the ready
for use with the golden beads, stamp game, dot game
or other montessori math materials.

fyi: i use a spreadsheet program, like excel,
to create the cards,
print them on card stock,
and laminate for longevity.

if time is of the essence
or you’re not good with spreadsheets or tables,
you can get a PDF emailed to you from
montessori for everyone
for about $8.

free puzzles from montessori concepts


Thank you for your butterfly soup blog. I know it’s a lot of work and dedication to write, but it’s interesting to read about your time in Turkey.

For you and your blog readers, is happy to give away 3 free animal or botany puzzles. They normally sell for $7 each, but your bloggers would just need to pay for the shipping (which is $12). You can see all the puzzles here:
bird botany puzzle
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Thanks and keep up the blogging!

– Johann
montessori concepts

preparing for hajj

hajj this year begins on the 6th of december, 2008
with eid-ul-adha on the 8th.

hajj map

here’s a virtual hajj with an excellent, clear and concise overview of the entire process:
it also includes live shots of hajj, videos, maps, prayers and more.

some activities for hajj
can be adapted from many ramadhan activities
but can also include:

my first quan storybook by Saniyasnain Khan

more crafty ideas include:

  • handmade eid cards
  • kaba money box from an empty box of tissue
  • quilled sheep

quilled sheep