turning worksheets into montessori equation cards

i’ve been googling furiously for 4-digit addition problems,
both static
— i.e. no carrying or regrouping —
and dynamic.

about the third page in,
google delivered kamanaga.com
where you can make addition, subtraction, multiplication or division worksheets
based on several variables.

for example,
the different toggles for addition include:
simple, medium or difficult;
printable or interactive;
one to four digits;
and no carrying, possible carrying, or carrying.

just what i need to make
prepared addition equation cards
so that math challenges can be at the ready
for use with the golden beads, stamp game, dot game
or other montessori math materials.

fyi: i use a spreadsheet program, like excel,
to create the cards,
print them on card stock,
and laminate for longevity.

if time is of the essence
or you’re not good with spreadsheets or tables,
you can get a PDF emailed to you from
montessori for everyone
for about $8.


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