traveling with kids

we’ve had a bit of experience with this.
we took on cairo, istanbul and kuala lampur
with 3 children under 5.
it ain’t easy,
but with some creativity
and a lot of patience
and can be done enjoyably.
plus, it’s great to make those family memories together
and watch their minds and vocabularies expand.

i remember someone asking my oldest, then 4, what she did in turkey.
her response: we did a lot of walking around.
yep, that we did.
but we also have pictures of them dancing to the street music at taksim square.
there was another time
when friends were passing through amman, jordan while we were there.
my middle child, then 3, was looking through their guide book and excitedly said, “petra!”
all that walking through the ruins of petra,
plus the undulating camel ride back to the main entrance
must have help keep it in her long term memory.

check out travel for kids
it features things to do and sites to see with children around the globe,
books to prepare them for the adventure,
family hotels, and other tips for traveling with the youngins.


One thought on “traveling with kids

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