practical life every day

while overseas
there are somethings that we just don’t have
either because
they are in storage
or they are not available locally.
when this happens
i tend to focus on practical life activities.

the girls help more around the house
by folding their own clothes,
loading the washer,
and hanging clothes on the line.
sanaa likes to use the squeegie to clean the bathroom.

all of them like to help cut the vegetables needed for dinner
and/or help prepare dinner.
once a week we make pizza
using the fresh bread delivered daily to our door.
sanaa making pizza

they also help prepare breakfast
by cracking eggs, measuring (oatmeal, grits, water), and the like.
usually we make biscuits from scratch for breakfast once or twice a week.
rahmah making biscuits

from these experiences
they understand how to handle a knife,
sift and strain,
stir and knead,
load and unload the dishwasher, and etc.

it’s great fun for them,
i truly appreciate their help,
and we (parents) thank them for contributing to our family.


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