values: courage

during the month of february
we talked about courage.
we’re still working with “teaching your children values”
teaching your children values - linda and richard eyre
by linda and richard eyre.
i also used “what is courage in islam

here’s a summary of our discussions during the month:

we defined courage as
doing the right thing even when it is hard.

we use courage when:

  • we try new things that feel a little scary, like learning how to ride a bike, or saying hello to someone we don’t know
  • we do what we believe is right, even when no one else does
  • we admit we are wrong
  • we do our work before playing


  • things that frighten or challenge us and then think of ways of using courage to cope with them
  • times when we saw others show courage in real life or in a story
  • if, when and why adults get afraid and how they show courage
  • remind ourselves that nothing can harm us unless Allah wills it, and nothing can benefit us unless Allah wills it.
  • remind ourselves that Allah will help us in doing what is good

courage in the quran

  • habil and qabil
    habil stood up for what was right: not fighting another believer

  • prophet ibrahim (a.s.) destroys the idols
    Allah protected him from the fire because Allah helps those who do good

  • Allah tells prophet ibrahim (a.s.) to sacrifice his son, ismael
    ismael was ready to obey Allah’s command which tested the courage of both prophet ibrahim (a.s.) and ismael. Allah rewarded them for remaining faithful to Him.

  • the sleepers in the cave
    the sleepers were brave to hold fast to what they believed in. they asked Allah for help. having courage also means asking Allah for help and putting our trust in Him.

  • prophet yunus
    the prophet yunus initially left the work Allah called Him to because the people would not listen. after being in the big fish realized that he should have persevered in doing Allah’s work. with Allah’s help we can finish every piece of work.

all of these stories are in “my first quran storybook
by saniyasnain khan from goodword books.
my first quran storybook


  • read stories in which a character(s) demonstrates courage
  • in our daily life we praised each other when we showed courage or pointed it out when we saw others show courage
  • watch adam’s world “finding courage”

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