100 board activities

here’s a few of my favorite activities
for extending the use of the hundred board:
hundred board - montessori outlet

  • addition and subtraction
    – use the hundred chart as a number line to do addition and subtraction; show how to add or subtract the tens first by counting up or down, then the ones by counting left or right.
    – or use dice and add/subtract all the way to 100/1.

  • multiplication and factors
    count by a number from 2 to 10 and discover the pattern it makes. use colored disks or print multiple hundred boards: one set is a complete hundred board and the second set is the number by which you are counting, colored to match the bead stair.

  • odds and evens
    after discussing the concept of odd and even, cover 10 odd or even numbers from a set of 20 numbers and discuss patterns or observations

  • cut a hundred board along the lines into various puzzle pieces for the child to put back together

web sources:

100 board activities: http://teachers.net/lessons/posts/662.html

100 board pdf:

100 board generator (start from 0 or 1):

100 board puzzles (pdf):

photo credit: montessori outlet / http://www.montessorioutlet.com/


3 thoughts on “100 board activities

  1. The Hundred Board is now available on the iPad! There are three activities, stanard sequencing, evens and odds. It looks just like the classic Montessori hundred board with the blue board and white tiles.

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