stringing beads and classroom management

aya is not old enough for montessori yet,
but i’ve got to manage her somehow.
we have circle time at the beginning of every homeschool day:
after our welcome song
we discuss the date,
any current events or holidays,
value of the month,
surah of the week,
and do a song, rhyme or poem.
aya takes part in
and enjoys these activities.

but then what to do with her for the rest of the time?
i tried getting her up early
so that she’d be sleepy by the time homeschool was up and running.
i tried placating her with chips
— her favorite snack.

now i’m giving her activities she can do with success
and minimize frustration.
the good ones
often keep her occupied for a good 10-20 minutes at a time
so that i can do some work with the older girls.
aya stringing beads
here she’s stringing beads,
developing concentration,
eye-hand coordination,
hand strength/flexibility and pincher skills.


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