subtraction work

working with sanaa and subtraction
has made me have to remember
one of the pillars of montessori:
freedom to do work.

i felt sanaa had been ready for subtraction for some time
but she was resistant.
i tried to encourage her,
but she just was not interested.
it was SO frustrating for me,
but then i had to remind myself
that she would get to the work when she was willing
and self-motivated.

that moment came,
i think, from a conversation we had
that required subtraction.
that spark of inspiration and interest
lit a desire in her.

sanaa subtraction chart
here she’s using the subtraction chart
to solve problems
starting with 18 down to 1.
she quickly understood the pattern
and decided she didn’t need the chart.
if something was wrong
i would ask her to check her work with the subtraction chart.

she has progressed to the blank subtraction chart,
and subtraction dice game
(not montessori, i don’t think),
and subtraction stamp game.

reminder to self:
it is much easier to work with a child
when she is self-motivated.
have the work available,
have patience,
and have belief that the desire will manifest itself.
and when it does…whoa nelly!


3 thoughts on “subtraction work

  1. I learned an awesome model today at an interview, of all places. The “as compared to” model for subtraction. Take “7 – 2”. This can be read as “7 as compared to 2”, which leads to an answer of “they are comparably 5 apart”.

    It also works for subtracting negatives! “7 – -2” can be read as “7 as compared to -2”, which leads to an answer of 9 since 7 and -2 are comparably 9 spaces apart!

    So awesome!

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