artspalooza at woodruff arts center

we don’t have a home
but we’re still homeschoolin’!
since we’ve got back from turkey
we’ve been living with the grandparents
so there’s no homeschool room
and our montessori tools aren’t available,
but we’re being flexible, organic and mobile.
i think folks call that unschooling.
we use the library a LOT,
we sit at a big table together
doing whatever folks are interested in
— from cursive to mathematics —
there are a lot of arts and crafts,
and we take advantage of whatever community is offering.
this time:
artspalooza at woodruff arts center.
there was arts and crafts room that seemed like mass-arts-chaos.
artspalooza at woodruff arts center, august 09
you could make hats, masks and other things.
there were short performances
and you could also go meet artists who taught art
(from dance to improv)
in the local area.
LOTS of fun.


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