at grandma mozell’s

msMozell's driveway
you can never underestimate the positive effects of being outside on a child.
we stayed with grandma mozell’s for a while outside opelika/auburn, alabama.
ms. mozell has enough land where the girls can go outside
pretty much at their leisure
without too much adult supervision.
aya often would stay out til sunset
when she HAD to come in
— only returning inside for meals or bathroom breaks.

there was plenty of time for outdoor play,
bike riding,
puddle splashing,
bug watching,
leaf collecting,
wagon pulling,
bird chasing
and gardening with grandma.
ms. mozell's garden

one thing i’ve always liked about my grandma’s place
is the unexpected surprises i’d always find
in the garden and sheds packed with years of peoples stuff.
in this small garden vingnette an old boxing toy acts as a scarecrow
and a sea shell is a garden ornament.
surprises in mozell's garden

ms. mozell tried to teach the girls how to chew sugar cane.
ms mozell's sugar cane

when we had to or wanted to go inside
we had books from the local library
and ms. mozell let us move a table
to an empty space inside her quilting studio
for painting, drawing, writing and crafts
(and so she could get a little quiet during her afternoon naps).
mozell benson quilt studio


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