book: 7 habits of happy kids

was looking for something else in the library
and found:
7 habits of happy kids by sean covey
the 7 habits of happy kids
by sean covey
(son of stephen covey).

without being too preachy
it uses seven illustrated stories
to illustrate the seven habits:

  1. be proactive,
  2. begin with the end in mind,
  3. put first things first,
  4. think win-win,
  5. seek first to understand, then be understood,
  6. synergize and,
  7. sharpen the saw.

at the end of each story are questions
to discuss with your children
and activities to do with your children to develop these habits.

i loved what the book was trying to accomplish
and the girls loved the illustrations and story line.
this would make a great companion to our studies on values.

see a video introduction,
preview the book,
see a trailer or
buy the book


2 thoughts on “book: 7 habits of happy kids

  1. I want to improve my kids habits .I am a Montessori teacher and i have 26 kids of the age of five to six. I want to see and apply seven habits in my kids,i m working on all the idea of applying the 7 habits but their attention span is too short to follow that, so i need some guide line to follow them to 7 habits.waiting for ur reply.

    1. my suggestion is to introduce, model and practice one habit a week. introduce it using one of the stories and focus on it for that week. oftentimes during the course of work, you can say “remember when we talked about putting first things first?” success, Miss Shagufta.

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