ramadan 2009

ramadan 2009 found us in atlanta.
we did several activities from my own post in 2008.

we did a ramadan dawa project:

we baked crescent cookies for our neighbors
to tell them about ramadan.
crescent cookies
i somehow forgot to get a picture of the final products.
we outlined the sugar cookies in white icing,
and ate just one a piece after packing a couple in each plastic baggie
to hand out to the neighbors
along with a little note about ramadan.

we made kaba pop-up cards
kaba pop up card
and beaded crescents for friends and family.

first we bent jewelry wire in a crescent shape
leaving enough to finish with a twist
and make a loop.
then we threaded clear beads.
it took lots of concentration for the 2 year old,
but then she wanted to make another and then another and then another…
beading crescent
beading crescent
beading crescent

after the beading was complete
and we’d twisted the top into a loop,
we added pretty, silver-lined, white ribbon so the crescent could hang
and glitter in the light.
they were very satisfied with the finished product
and couldn’t wait to give them as gifts.
aya's ramadan beaded crescent
rahmah's ramadan beaded crescent
sanaa's ramadan beaded crescent

we made a good deed trees to keep track of the girls’ good deeds.
first we talked about what good deeds were
and how during ramadan
Allah multiplies His reward for good deeds.
good deeds tree
alHamdulillah the girls were SO excited to do good deeds
that i soon knew that we’d run out of good deed leaves
so i modified the rules for getting good deed leaves:
they would start out with 5 leaves each day
and a leaf would be taken away if they did a bad deed.
good deed trees
ever the artists, they added tree houses and other flourishes to their good deed trees.

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