book: help me be good series

a children's book about teasing
by joy berry.
we just read a few of these titles
and will be getting more.

the series includes the following titles:
“Being Lazy, Being Forgetful, Being Careless, Being Messy, Being Wasteful, Overdoing It, Showing Off, Being a Bad Sport, Being Selfish, Being Greedy, Breaking Promises, Disobeying, Lying, Interrupting, Whining, Throwing Tantrums, Complaining, Teasing, Tattling, Gossiping, Being Rude, Snooping, Cheating, Stealing, Being Bullied, Being Bossy, Being Destructive, Fighting, Being Mean”

each book:
1. Defines a misbehavior
2. Explains the cause of the misbehavior
3. Discusses the negative effects of the misbehavior
4. Offers suggestions for replacing the misbehavior with acceptable behavior

she has other series as well.

i think it helped that we were discussing the behavior objectively because
the girls were surprisingly candid and thoughtful
about their behavior and that of others.


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