unbored at the smithsonian

smithsonian institution
if we are ever bored
and want to do something wholesome outside of the house
(how often does that happen?)
here are two FREE family activities from the smithsonian for all ages:

Spark!Lab at the American History Museum
(for all ages) The Lemelson Center’s Spark!Lab offers visitors a number of hands-on experiments that teach about science, the invention process, and the role of technology in American history. Activities are organized around the invention process and will rotate on a regular basis to provide visitors with new learning experiences.
Open daily: 10 AM-4 PM; entry is first come, first served.
Staff-led experiments are offered most days at 11 AM, 12 Noon, 1 PM, 2 PM, and 3 PM

Scavenger Hunt at the American Art Museum
Scavenger hunt handouts available at the Luce Foundation Center information desk on the mezzanine
(for all ages) With more than 3,300 artworks displayed in floor-to-ceiling glass cases, the Luce Foundation Center is the perfect place for a scavenger hunt! Follow the clues presented in one of several themed hunts — from monsters to magic — to discover new art during each adventure.
Daily: 11:30 AM-7 PM


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