science with janice vanCleave

we’ve been doing science experiments once a week
working from Janice VanCleave’s Play and Find Out About Science : Easy Experiments for Young Children.

i’ve looked at several of these type of books.
my assessment of this one: excellent!

we try to do each experiment using the scientific method:

  • observing the environment and asking a question.
  • making a hypothesis or guess.
  • testing our hypothesis by doing an experiment.
  • examining the data or results.
  • refining or improving our hypothesis.

every experiment begins with a thought-provoking question often asked by children,
and ends with a simple, clear explanation.
most of the supplies can be found around the house or purchased easily and inexpensively.

we’ve had much fun and success with these experiments so far:

i wonder…is there a way to catch air?

the air in the cup prevents the paper towel from getting wet. cool!

catching air in plastic bags. you can feel the air in the bag.

i wonder…why are some pennies shinier than others?

soaking pennies in vinegar and salt solution. leftover pennies act as the control. (see our scientific gargon!)

removing pennies from weak acid. gotta be careful.
the acidic solution removed the dull copper giving most of the pennies a new shine.
part 2: we left a new paper clip and a few pennies in the acid overnight...
...the copper the acid removed from the pennies became attached to the paper clip. ( a new paper clip is shown for comparison.)

i wonder…what holds up a parachute?

parachute is made from paper, string, paper clips, tape with a ball of clay as a weight.

setting the parachute up at maximum height...
...for a gentle descent.

in part 2, we investigated what would happen when the clay weights are different sizes or completely removed.


6 thoughts on “science with janice vanCleave

  1. Thanks for posting this book review. I’m starting research a montessori education for my daughter and your site is inspiring. Happy learning!

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