spring fever: gotta get outside

national museum of natural history

a mammal has hair, milk and special earbones

sensorial overload at the national museum of natural history -- and we just explored the hall of mammals!

our local pond

checking up on our amphibious friends at the local lake
we found a few frogs that made the journey from tadpole-hood

earth day at the US national arboretum

taking inspiration from the azalea garden at the arboretum...
...they painted pictures on a nearby bench while nature provided the soundtrack. peaceful.

bladensburg waterfront park

our guide and pontoon driver pointed out an osprey, cormorrants, canada geese, mallards, turtles, a crane, and barn swallows
life jackets so we can be safe
we forgot how cool it can get on the water. next time we'll bring jackets.
the pontoon ride is a great companion to Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing the Birds
after the pontoon ride, a nearby historical train made a great playhouse

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