3 for free: holocaust museum, money factory and butterfly pavilion

while waiting for our tour to start at the u.s. bureau of engraving and printing
we popped in next door to the holocaust museum and checked out daniel’s room.
we got to read daniel’s journal as his life went from joyous to disastrous.

reading daniel's diary and listening to radio reports
before and after views of daniel's life
the star on daniel's clothes
the train to the camp

we made another connection later when we read about anne frank for her birthday on 12 june.

later, at the moneyfactory we saw how paper money is made.
and we saw department of treasury workers making the new blue-tinted 100-dollar bill!

100 dollar note

millions of them.
so close, but yet so far.
no pics were allowed during this tour,
but it was informative and fun.
should i hear the words
“where do you think money comes from?”
coming out of my own mouth,
i hope they remember that some of it is made not too far from us in washington, dc!

we closed it all with a trip to the butterfly pavilion
— free on tuesdays! —
at the national museum of natural history.
in an room where the heat and humidity reminded me of lovely malaysia…

we saw hundreds of kaleidoscopic-colored butterflies
doing their naturally beautiful, benign, butterfly-thing…

what could make her feel more special than having a butterfly land on her shoulder?

while aya spent the whole time screaming in terror
not to let them touch her and for me not to get too close.
i think i have the only child in the world that is terrified of butterflies.


2 thoughts on “3 for free: holocaust museum, money factory and butterfly pavilion

  1. aya’s not the only kid. had a student in the Kindergarten class that was afraid of butterflies especially, but also lady bugs, bees…gnats. if it had wings he froze in terror & screamed & cried like a….well, we shouldn’t call children these things. but it got on EVERYONE’s nerves, including his parents.

    i’ve heard daniel’s room is moving. how’d the girls deal? & please tell me this didn’t happen this week, because i swear i see COATS in this post dated for today & i’m so confused & suddenly perspiring.

  2. ndygo/ummMusa you are a trip! this happened in may. i’m trying to catch up. we talked about the things we read and saw as we went through daniel’s room. how things went from blessed to challenging and how it wasn’t fair for people to do that to others just because of their religion. they didn’t become overly emotional, but we had a good discussion.

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