oceans hall at the national museum of natural history

you can’t possibly do the national museum of natural history in one day.
not and be happy at the end of it.
not with my kids.
but if you live the DC-area
you don’t have to.
and it hasn’t gotten old yet.

every exhibit that we’ve been to
always begins with an open-mouthed, wide-eyed stare of amazement,
then the girls pick their way through the exhibit
pointing fingers at animals exotic and familiar,
walk-running from one point to another,
asking questions they’d never thought of before,
and calling to each other and to me to “look at this!”

this time we tackled the sant ocean hall.

this whale was the first thing that caught our eye in the oceans hall
gargantuan whale skeleton
preserved and very lengthy squid...calamari anyone?
can't help but think of the latino-voiced penguins from happy feet
of all the items in the oceans hall, the live animals got the most attention. time to go to the aquarium.
the media presentation on a globe-screen about earth's water was truly fascinating
aya pretends to use a piece of technological history

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