open gymnastics

they call it a “gymnastics workshop” at the p.g. sports and learning complex,
but rather than a instructor-led workshop,
kids get access to gymnastics equipment.
rahmah mentioned after the class that she was glad there was no teacher
’cause then she got to do whatever she wanted.
no structure, in this case, equaled freedom of choice which equaled unbridled, enthusiastic exploration.

for the summer the gymnastics workshops are only available on fridays, still $6 per child.

when they prefer more structure and an instructor’s helping hand,
according to the web site there are tumbling workshops for ages 8-18,
as well as phy.ed curriculum for home school groups and private schools.
i haven’t tried either of these yet, so if you’ve had experience with these programs let me know how you liked them.


2 thoughts on “open gymnastics

  1. Double A’s have been going for a while. Big A since she was 4. Little A just started back up. They LIVE at the sports and learning complex. They are now in swiming.
    iA, since we never see you around…we might see you there.
    ma salaama

  2. the pg sports complex is a bit of a trip for us so we may go just once a month. we usually go to sports activities in our neighborhood. still, it would be nice surprise to see you and the girls there one day. maybe we can meet up.

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