kids bowl free

i’m all about free,
especially when it’s free and fun.

join kids bowl free
[ also on facebook ]
and when it’s just too hot to go outside
or when you wanna get off the wii and do it for real,
bowl 2 free games at your nearest participating bowling center.
note: kids bowl free, but you do have to pay for their shoes.

parents/guardians can bowl pretty cheap as well.
for $25 we purchased the family pass
so that us parents can bowl with the kids all summer, too.
(again, shoes are not included).

sanaa on 10-pins

our local bowling center in college park
has duck-pins and 10-pins.
because of the smaller and lighter balls,
duck-pins is great for the kiddies.

rahmah on duck-pins

besides the the gutter guards to keep the balls out of the gutter,
they also had a homemade-looking contraption to help give even the smallest child a little momentum.

aya using the helper

in addition, should your child or spouse get bored from bowling,
they also have a arcade room.
as a last resort, keep them occupied and quiet by feeding them from the little cafe.
lots of options at the bowling center.


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