science day: musical teeth

continuing with janice vanCleave’s play and find out about science:

i wonder…does my chewing sound loud to other people?

(we’re not talking about smacking. we already know the answer to that question.)

in this experiment we learned a bit about the science of sound.
when we rubbed the end of a craft stick
we found that it sounds louder when it is between your teeth…

than when you are holding it between your fingers…

because sounds that travel through air
aren’t as loud as sounds that travel through solids.

the same goes if you listen to someone tapping the craft stick on a table
vice putting your ear directly on the table during the tapping.

in part 2 of the experiment, we made a chime from string, a hanger and a spoon.
we wrapped the string around our fingers, hung the metal hanger from it
and our partner tapped it with the spoon.
it sounded louder when we put our fingers in our ears
than when we just held the chime in front of us.


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