library butterflies

we visit our local library once a week.
thursday is library day.
this past thursday, after the girls had collected their prizes for p.g. county library memorial library’s summer reading program,
one of our favorite children’s librarians decided to release the butterflies that they had raised from larva.
we headed out to the butterfly garden outside the library
and she unzipped the butterfly cage.

a few immediately flew out…

and a few needed to be encouraged.

we haven’t raised and released butterflies since my oldest was two.
maybe we should buy some larvae and watch the amazing process all over again.

afterward we went back inside and did our regular library thing:
read a few books out loud,
then pick out three books, an audio/book combo, and a dvd for each.

watching the butterflies go free was a delightful library-day surprise.


2 thoughts on “library butterflies

    1. wow! thanks. although the link didn’t work for me. i did stop by your site however. much to be inspired by there as well. btw: was reading your post about kids preparing snacks. do you know of any alternative uses for an apple corer?

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