montpelier mansion family fun day

montpelier mansion is a hands-on way to go back in history.
plus it’s free. that’s always good.

our first stop was the carriage house.

a maid prepares meals in a kitchen in the carriage house

next, we explored the mansion as we moved from room to room doing different activities:
we made paper crafts
— a butterfly and paper cup —
like a child would have done in the 19th century,
using whatever was available to be creative.

we played with toys,

timeless mesmerizing toy: jacob's ladder

and played dress-up.

dress-up in bonnet, apron, pocket and wooden garden shoes

did you know that women’s clothes used to not have pockets. so, they would tie on a pocket! see above in aya’s left hand.

then, we finished with a light refreshment of cookies and lemon-drink,
and a short romp out in the flower garden surrounded by a white picket fence.

there were literally five families there, and i truly don’t understand why there wasn’t more. it was a LOT of fun.

in a flier about montpelier mansion events,
there was a girl scout program that piqued my interest,
although i am not a girl scout, nor am i mother to any.

Girl Scout Etiquette Teas
A fun 2-hour program that will teach the finer points of tea service, table manners and conversation. Fee includes tea and scones, party favors, and a tour of Montpelier. Reservations required. Please call 301-377-7817 for more information or reservations.
Teas: $15/scout.

girls just love tea parties. would anyone be interested in attending this event as a group?


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