science days: electrical charges and sound waves

continuing with janice vanCleave’s play and find out about science:

i wonder…

…why does my hair stick to my comb?
well…ahem…our hair — thick and beautiful as it is — doesn’t usually stick to our comb,
so, part 1 of this experiment where you rub a balloon to your hair
and then watch it lift when you pull the balloon a short distance away
didn’t do diddly-squat on our tresses.
however, part two allowed us to see how an electric charge can make confetti dance!

…how does a telephone work?
even though we don’t have a land-line telephone
— we’re one of those types of families that have internet and mobiles only —
this was FUN FUN FUN!
especially during part two when we had to take the “phones” outside.
we crossed two lines on 8-meters of string each
and took turns broadcasting our message!


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