discovery room at the natural history museum

the discovery room at the national museum of natural history
is museum-going for kids at its best.
from the moment we entered, the girls were busy with hands on exploration.
we’ve been to the natural history museum several times,
and each time we really enjoy ourselves,
but if you only can make one visit,
this is what the kids will enjoy and remember.
we easily spent an hour and change in here…

dressing up in clothes from around the globe...
measuring and examining the human-scale skeleton...
viewing tiny animals under the microscope...
playing with ancient toys...
examining bones from various animals...

…and much more!

afterwards, on our way to see the hope diamond
the girl’s curiosity was piqued by the period-dressed manikins of the western cultures exhibit,
so we took a stroll through there and watched a few videos on archeology and life in the fertile crescent.
after we viewed the hope diamond,
we finished our visit at the hall of geology, gems and minerals.

before we headed home after a full and fun day at the natural history museum,
i let the girls eat a snack and then chase the birds among the shadows of the trees along the national mall
while i sat, reflected and recuperated.


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