target family fun at the shakespeare theatre company

target always seems to sponsor fun stuff in its neighborhoods,
and this was no exception.
the target family fun fair
— as a part of the shakespeare theatre company‘s annual free for all event
was chock full of, well, fun!
we were greeted by a magician who made dollar coins disappear, reappear and grow.
once inside we went through several stations:
at station 1 they took head shots.

at station 2 they designed costumes with markers, stickers, puff-balls, colored paper and glitter glue.
at station 3 they viewed a model of a stage and then designed their own on paper.

at station 4 they practiced a few lines with coaching in different emotions.
(oh, the drama! i wish i’d pulled out the video camera.)
at station 5 they designed their advertising posters.
at station 6 they were interviewed, live, on camera about their experiences.

finally (whew!), they took a break from all that hard work
and decorated fans and their own kid-sized messenger bags
featuring bullseye, the target dog, driving a school bus.

i needed that fan afterward.


One thought on “target family fun at the shakespeare theatre company

  1. Assalmu ‘alaykum

    Beloved sister

    Pats on the back for the excellent work you doing, masha allah! I am expecting my 1st baby in a few weeks and already my mind is ‘a-spin’ with ideas for homeschooling him…lol..insha allah.
    I’d like to know your facebook name so that i may connect with you – thats if you don’t mind.

    Was salam
    South Africa

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