homeschool fiber gathering

the homeschool fiber gathering
is a new event by the clearwater natural dye group
at the clearwater nature center in clinton, MD.

it was designed by antonia bookbinder
(doesn’t that name have a certain mysterious resonance to it?)
to be a place were homeschoolers can get together
to explore and share their love of the fiber arts.
and since all i can do is crochet one long endless strand,
i thought we’d try it out.

aya explored the process of fiber from sheep’s wool to yarn.
first she helped remove debris from some wool,
then she combed it,
and then she helped ms. bookbinder spin it into yarn.

sanaa and rahmah did some weaving…

and then tried their hands at knitting.

for just $2 you can’t get a better hands-on experience
unless your mom, grandma or auntie teach you for free.
the homeschool fiber gathering will be taking place on every 2nd tuesday
at the clearwater nature center from 2-3:30pm.
contact ms. antonia or the folks at clearwater at 301.297.4575 for more info.

we’ve seen clearwater’s wild animal show when they came to the hyattsville library,
but it was still a nice treat to see their live animal exhibit afterwards.

matching leaf shapes

friendly little terrapins

clearwater’s annual nature fair is coming up this saturday (25 sep) from 11am-4pm featuring “fun activities including animals shows, nature games, crafts, educational presentations, and performances by “Billy B,” the Natural Science Song & Dance Man.”

it was so peaceful there in the cosca regional park that i feel i could spend all day there among the trails. what do you like to do at the clearwater nature center?


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