SPROUTs at the washington youth garden

the SPROUT program
— at the the washington youth garden located a the national arboretum
began with a welcome and a few guidelines
for fun and respect of the garden by ms. anna beth.
then we went on a treasure hunt that took us throughout the garden,

sanaa reading a treasure hunt clue

nibbling on fennel, rubbing rosemary and lavender,

in the herb garden

viewing all types of fruits and veggies in their “native habitats”,


tasting tart raspberries and turning compost

under the watchful eyes of the scarecrow.

scarecrow near squash

afterwards ms. anna-beth explained how important it is to
eat fruits and vegetables of all colors,
the colors being an indicator of the how it benefits our health:

ms. anna beth reminds us to eat our colors

reds are good for our hearts,
yellows give us lots of energy,
oranges are good for our vision,
greens build strong bones and teeth,
blues keep our immune system strong and
purples improve our memory.

finally she let us all make our own rainbow fruit kebabs with bananas, oranges, blueberries, strawberries, and purple and green grapes.

making fruit kabobs

we finished our visit by romping in the nature explore classroom,

duaa jammin on the xylophone

and waving bye-bye to the bees on our way out.

gotta give bees space to do their work

there are so many things to do at the national arboretum
whether inside the arbor house, at the bonsai museum,
or feeding koi at the aquatic garden.
it’s also just a nice place to explore the flora and fauna and eat en plein air.
what do you like to do at the arboretum?


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