a journey in song from quark to cosmos

we had the pleasure of attending the opening event of
the inaugural USA science and engineering festival:
powers of ten: a journey in song from quarks to cosmos.
while i’m more used to the uptempo pace of
they might be giants rockin’ out about science…

…this concert was mostly a piano-accompanied chorale work
that showcased the compositions of david haines.
school chorus groups from around the DC area
— including fort belvoir elementary school, loudoun county day school, suitland high school, and thomas jefferson high school for science and technology —
as well as other groups from the DC metro area, new jersey and massachusetts
performed mr. haines heady and often witty work.

as the choruses progressed through haines’ songs,
the words to the songs were projected on the overhead screen
along with kid-made illustrations.
that certainly made the songs easier to digest for all ages.

there were several standouts,
like jacqui sutton jammin with a jazz trio about virus and later DNA.
have you ever heard a jazz song with deoxyribonucleic acid in the chorus?
several soloist from suitland high school were especially delightful, as well.

i’m looking forward to attending more events during the USA science and engineering festival in the coming weeks.

will i see you on the mall for the expo on 10.23/24?


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