solar-powered orangutan

mr. daniel helps the girls test their orangutans

as a part of the many events of USA science and engineering festival,
devry university in arlington, VA hosted a FREE build a solar-robot event.
when we arrived, the room was already bustling with activity
as other science and engineering lovers worked on their orangutans.

each girl was given a peppy orangutan robotikit
and we sat down to put our engineering-thinking caps on and get to work
connecting, inserting and snapping on the different pieces of the little machine.
going step by step, it took us about an hour

— the engine in rahmah’s seemed to have malfunctioned,
and even with mr. daniel’s tinkering wouldn’t work properly,
so, chris, a kind devry student quickly pieced together a replacement for her —

and then the girls spent the rest of the time testing their little machines
with satisfied smiles of personal achievement
as they watched the yellow-faced orange orangutans go
hand-over-hand on a piece of string.

afterward, mr. daniel commented that i must have been a master sergeant.
i guess he was impressed with my skills
in guiding the simultaneous assembly of three orangutans.
i’ll take that as a compliment, sir!

after all that left-brain activity,
we finished the rest of the brisk sunny day exercising our other mental hemisphere
with a romp through the bonsai & penjing museum,
marveling at a special exhibit of multi-hued orchids,
and then delighting our senses in the herb garden at the national arboretum.


what USA science and engineering festival events are you attending?


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