one pumpkin, two pumpkin, three pumpkin, four…

we met up with veteran ihsan homeschooler raida and her crew
to enjoy a crisp fall morning at butler’s orchard‘s pumpkin harvest days.
a hay ride took us to and from the pumpkin patch
where we picked a pumpkin each.

after taking those back to the car,
we pumped the pumps to float the rubber duckies to the other pump,

romped in the hay maze,

fed the goats,
— the sheep, chickens and bunnies thought the morning was still too chilly to play
and stayed bunched together cozy in their respective sheds, coops and hutches —

played a few carnival-like target games,
skipped the hay barn
— it was haywire over there and who wants hay in their hair anyway? —
to ride down the slides a few times.

we ended our day by finding our way through the corn maze,

rewarding ourselves at the finish
by sinking our teeth into autumn-chilled rain-washed golden-delicious apples.
just another day at the farm.

what’s your favorite thing to do at your local pick-your-own farm?


5 thoughts on “one pumpkin, two pumpkin, three pumpkin, four…

  1. Aahhhhhhhhhhh I want to go to the farm…you guys should have called me 🙂

    It’s so great to see Dhua all grown up. She is so beautiful just like all of her sisters!!!!!

    Oh how I do miss you guys. LOVE HUGS and KISSES!

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