making fitness a fun habit

while the girls regularly play outside with neighborhood kids,
and we frequent our local park — weather permitting —
they also participate in swim classes and west african dance.
theMan suggested that we do calisthenics at home
as a way of helping me to improve my fitness quotient
with a positive side effect of creating a fun habit of fitness at home.
we shouldn’t have to go somewhere to be able to stay fit.
with the winter settling in, this make a lot of sense.

so on a day when there is no swim or african dance,
we use a house music station i found on pandora
to get our calisthenic groove on.
an added benefit is that everyone can participate;
at 18 months, even prayerGirl does her thing.

here’s our work-out schedule for you to use with your own in-house family work-out session.


  • standing stretches: reach up, down, right and left
  • neck and shoulder stretches
  • convex and concave torso stretches
  • heel raises
  • standing leg stretches: bend your right leg back and hold your ankle for 8 counts; bring your right knee to your chest and hold for 8 counts. same with left leg.
  • march in place, get those knees up!
  • jumping jacks: use your imagination for all types of variations


  • leg lifts while laying on back, alternating right and left legs
  • leg lifts while laying on side, alternating sides
  • sit-ups
  • side sit-ups, alternating sides
  • plank
  • biceps arm curls
  • triceps arm lifts
  • push ups
  • squats
  • lunges
  • mountain climber
  • burpee


  • roll down slowly to touch your toes
  • standing with legs open wide, alternate stretching to left and right
  • seated stretches with feet together, touching head to feet — if you can
  • seated stretches with legs out, stretching to middle, right and left
  • pretzel stretch

at the end we have a circle
and take turns dancing or doing whatever comes to mind,
be it capoeira, samba, west african dance, hip hop, belly dance, ballet
or whatever the groove brings out.

what do you do to keep your homeschoolers physically active?


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