diy montessori using catalogs

montessori tools can be quite an investment,
but the good thing about many of them
— especially the practical life and sensorial exercises —
is that, using inexpensive supplies, you can make them yourself.

one of the things i like to do
is browse catalogs like the one from montessori services.
i may not buy anything,
but i’ll go through with a highlighter
and circle exercises i can easily put together myself
or books to check out from my local library.

while it can often be convenient to let someone else do the running around for you,
i decided to put together this lacing exercise using inexpensive supplies from my local craft store.
montessori services - lacing exercise

another example, the description of this book, “the story of salt”,
looked so interesting that i searched my local library for it.
montessori services - the story of salt
i found out why this book was a part of the montessori services catalog:
it was an entertaining and informative read, even for me.

i have purchased from montessori services before.
they have quality products and excellent customer service.
request their free catalog,
but when you browse it
keep in mind that you can not only use it to purchase tools to
prepare and enrich your homeschool environment,
but also use it make some things with your own two hands.

images courtesy of montessori services.


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