exploring air and space

we intended to make the free 10:30 a.m. the stars tonight show
at the einstein planetarium,
but will have to save that
or possibly the one world, one sky: big bird’s adventure show
as an excuse for another visit.

i didn’t think the air and space museum
would be as engaging as it was for my 3-7 age set,
but the hands on activities in the how things fly exhibit was quite fascinating.

flying a cessna

afterward we roamed around until our bellies and the parking meter called us to exit.
an astronaut's shower

one treat we almost overlooked was looking at the sun
in the little observatory just outside the independence avenue exit.

the operator told us that the bulb-looking piece on which we saw the sun reflected
— he’s pointing at it in the above picture —
is actually a flower pot fitted with a thick plastic filter —
a little d.i.y. science even at the world renown smithsonian.
science is real, baby.

what’s your favorite thing to do at the air and space museum?


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